Tree cutting chainsaws categories

A chainsaw is a machine that makes felling and cutting of trees a child’s play. However if not used by an experienced person or with due care, then it can be a source of misery. If you have a wood cutting business which involves large trunks, then read along since by the time you finish reading you will be in the best position to make a fully informed decision.

The types are;

Gas powered chainsaws

These are those which run on fuel. They are much heavier and mostly require constant checking of the chain and the air filter. If the air filter is not working correctly then, the power of the machine will be negatively affected. It runs at a faster speed than an electric one.

The main disadvantage with these types of chainsaws is the emission of harmful exhaust fumes. They are also louder than the other kinds of chainsaws, and thus they affect the environment in a more negative way in comparison to the other models.

They are best suited for large trunk cutting, but there is also lighter duty power saw machine.There are a variety of gas powered chain saws, and the efficiency of each depends on the intensity of the activity you plan to do with the saw.

Corded electric chain saws

These are chainsaws which use electric power to cut trees. The machine has a plug-in cable which is mostly a 14 or 12 gauge to connect the chainsaw to the electrical outlet. It operates at a less speed compared to fuel powered saws, and it is for light duty activities. They are easy to start up since as opposed to the fuel powered saws which use Yanks to start; this type uses only a power button to start it off.

Cordless electric chain saws

These are chainsaws which operated by a battery. They are meant for light duty activities but compared to the corded electric chainsaw; they are more convenient since they are not tethered to any power source. The main disadvantage associated with this type of chainsaw is the short life of the battery.

Factors to consider when buying a chainsaw

  • The size of the starter handle
  • The length and gauge of the power cable
  • The shape of the cover board
  • The design of the oils and gas caps and how smoothly they open
  • The form of the grip surface
  • The size of the blade
  • The warranty period
  • Cutting speed
  • The weight and pricing of the machine


In most of the cases, the price of a chainsaw is directly related to the engine size. You need to choose lighter saws for light landscaping chores rather than the bigger ones. Wood cutting saws are of different models, and they need to be evaluated well to get the right fit for your job.